8 Creative and Wonderful Summer Solstice Ritual Ideas to Celebrate Light

These Summer Solstice ritual ideas are all about supporting you in your spiritual and personal growth in joyful, powerful ways. For the last 2 years we have been travelling the sacred year with our wonderful 7 Sacred Days community and, as a treat for Summer Solstice, we thought we would share a few inspirations from our own summer solstice journey!

  1.  Rituals are all about your Intention 1st and Actions 2nd

With all rituals they are psycho-spiritually most powerful when you focus your intent and then bring that intent into form through taking actions. For your Summer Solstice ritual ideas it’s most important that you first ask – what are these rituals about for you? Not what you should do, or ought to do… but what is happening in your life right now and where might you want to focus your consciousness.

RITUAL ACTION: Light a candle and meditate for a few minutes on the flame as a representation of the sun and solar light. Breathe deeply, relax and take time to listen to your inner voice. How are you in your mind, body and spirit? What does your inner voice tell you about what’s important for your Summer Solstice rituals (even if you don’t yet know much about what Summer Solstice means energetically or spiritually)?

  1. Combine your Intention with the Superpowers of the Season and write it down

This is where we remember that our individualistic western way of life is false… we are and have always been part of a wider interconnected whole, a reciprocal relationship that can, when worked with consciously, empowers us to live our greatest potential and be of greatest service.

RITUAL ACTION: Below are some of the key words and themes associated with Summer Solstice. Connect to your breath and affirm ‘I’m ready to listen to the wisdom of the superpowers of the season’… then read the list and see which ones stand out for you. Take the Summer Solstice ritual ideas that are most calling you and give some space to reflect or journal on them. When done with sacred intent, writing down in a stream of consciousness what comes to you is a powerful way of bringing the hidden wisdom of the seasons to the surface in a way that’s relevant for you.

  1. Be like a Solar Panel! Ritual to work with your Solar Chakra!

At this time of year there is a massive influx of light into our world and life. Summer Solstice is all about working with that light for transformation, expansion and awakening. And this is not just a psychological concept – your physical and energetic body is receiving this light and the next 3 Summer Solstice ritual ideas are all about helping you process and work with that light in joyful ways.

RITUAL ACTION: First up – the Solar Chakra at your solar plexus. This chakra is all about your will power, your belief that ‘I can’. When healthy you feel confident, enabled to act in the world. If you are over working this chakra you might get burnt out from ‘over doing’. If this chakra is not fully online you might find yourself lethargic, feeling unsure/under confident in your ability to act and assert your will power. The energetic key to balance is feeling at choice. Try mediating on the statements ‘I can’ and ‘I am free to choose’ whilst breathing in and out of this area of your body. Try toning ‘Ha’ whilst focusing on the chakra – you can add even more joy and energy by toning ‘ha..ha..ha…ha…’ perhaps allowing your tone to become laughter? 🙂

  1. Awaken your Heart Centre: Summer Solstice ritual ideas to connect to the love light!

The sun is the centre of our solar system and the holder of the light that awakens and feeds all life. In your energy body the heart is your centre, providing the heart beat of life that feeds and nourishes you. If you like, your ‘spiritual sun’ chakra is your heart centre. Working with this chakra is a powerful awakening of the spiritual energies of Summer Solstice.

RITUAL ACTION: Breathe in and out of your heart centre; that is direct your breath into the space at the centre of your chest. Breathe in all that supports you and as you breathe out, feel, sense and intend that this supportive energy radiates out through your body. You might also want to add the intention of ‘I awaken the light of my heart’. This is a simple yet powerful energetic ritual.

  1. Flood your Aura with Golden Light: Prepare for the Bliss Body!

In our 7 Sacred Days program we complete some in depth rituals, meditations and energy work to awaken the ‘Bliss Body’, which basically means allowing and enabling your physical and energetic body to receive the highest vibrations of light and energy. This works at a cellular and quantum level to create transformation that emotionally opens you up to experience really high vibrations that feel blissful. This is not just a spiritual trip but a massively vital part of enabling ourselves to live at our greatest potential and thus be of greatest, most joyful service in the world. As Einstein said – ‘we cannot solve problems from the same energy that created them’. Now imagine bringing the energy of bliss into your life… what else might you create?

RITUAL ACTION: Golden light is like taking every colour of the rainbow, taking them to their highest frequency and then combining them together – they transcend into shimmering golden light! Which is also the light of the sun as this golden globe of light! So when you consciously intend to breathe golden light into your aura and fill it with golden light, you are expanding your ‘light body’ and opening the door to bliss!

  1. Summer Solstice ritual ideas for Fire Element Alchemy (A): Burn off the Dross – aka Cleanse Time!

We are made up of all the elements; earth, fire, air water and ether. They are also the base elemental principles of alchemy, aka the route to personal transformation. And as an honoring of the sun, Summer Solstice rituals would not be complete without some fire ceremony! This can be a candle on your altar, a bonfire in the garden, a small fire pit, lit sage or frankincense… whatever is most accessible to you. Remember it’s your intent, not the size of the bonfire that makes it most powerful!

RITUAL ACTION: The heat of the sun physically offers us a detox as we sweat out all the impurities. When worked with energetically, Fire offers an opportunity to detox and burn off limiting beliefs, to transform emotional ‘stuckness’ and to generally cleanse all the energetic clutter that we can pick up. How to do this? One simple way is to light some sage leaf, Paulo Santo wood stick, or Frankincense resin and then use a feather to waft the purifying herb activated through fire around your energy body and home. This is a great activity to do with friends – here are Justin and I doing just that!

  1. Summer Solstice ritual ideas for Fire element Alchemy (B): Ignite your Dreams for Manifestation!

Fire brings heat and energy… It ignites our dreams and intentions. If you have dreams and ideas that have been metaphorically on the ‘back burner’ and you want to see them come out into the world, it’s time to use your Summer Solstice fire ritual for manifestation and activation!

RITUAL ACTION: You will need a candle flame, or some kind of fire (e.g. fire pit/bonfire/wood burner/Chimenea). Remember it’s all about intention… Return to your intentions, to the super powers of Summer Solstice that are speaking to you, maybe spend a few minutes with one of the energetic rituals (#3-5). Then start speaking to the fire. Recognise it for the alive, life giving element that it is. Speak to it sharing your dreams and asking for its help in manifesting your dreams. Listen to its response, feel its energy. Then complete a small action to activate its blessing of your dreams such as:

  • Feed the fire with sacred or blessed items (your sage/Paulo santo wood or frankincense for example, or any other gifts that feel good to you. I’ve seen people offer chocolate or caocao for sweetness and heart awakening, rice for spiritual strength and ongoing stamina or warming spices to represent the sun such as cinnamon… Follow your inspiration).
  • Write your dreams on a piece of paper and consciously offer the paper to the fire activating and igniting the dream.
  1. Honor the Sunrise and Sunset: Liberation and Spiritual Awakening through BEING time

We have reached ritual 8 and it’s time to bring it all together, to step deeper into the essence of Summer Solstice is perhaps one of the most simple of our ritual ideas, yet also one of the most powerful to complete, celebrate and receive the solstice light.

In the Mayan language our sun is call ‘Kinich Ahau’ meaning ‘the first kin’. It is our first family member, the mother/father light that feeds all life. Right now at Summer Solstice, this light of our first kin is at its highest and most powerful. It’s a time to honour this light out in the world, knowing it is also within us.

RITUAL ACTION: Rise just before the sun and go outside, facing the rising sun in the east. Stand barefoot on the earth, palms facing the sun. Breathe with your heart, intend to connect to the sun and welcome it rising, as the rising light of illumination, enlightenment and awakening. *(please remember do not look directly at the sun). Take in the growing light of the day with peaceful meditation. Bring your hands to your heart to complete your ritual, saying an inner thank you for all the solar light represents for you this solstice. Watch the sun go down with similar conscious intent, celebrating this beautiful light.


All of our radiant blessings for Summer Solstice!