Aura Meditation and Activation Pack

3 powerful meditations to leave you energised, centred and spiritually connected. 
Plus your Aura Handbook to get to know your aura and lightbody
  • Connector.Connector.

    Three Aura activation audio meditations by Clare Russell, each around 20 minutes long

  • Connector.Connector.

    Experience directly your auric field, learn how to consciously work with your energy body for healing and spiritual awakening

Whether you are new to auric work, or a practised healer and energy worker, this Aura Meditation and Activation Pack provides meditations you can return to again and again, along with insightful practices and suggestions for maintaining and developing the health of your Aura.

What is the Aura?

Since the early 19th century and the work of the scientist Faraday, we have understood that although we appear to be these separate solid objects moving around in space, we are actually fields of energy that interrelate and overlap.

In science, we now have the technology to measure these fields of energy through tracking electromagnetic fields translated into Hertz frequency. This studies corroborate what healers have experienced for eons – that there is a tangible real energetic field around us, that can be felt, seen and engaged with as a living part of us.

There are further studies that have looked at human body light emissions using Kirilian photography as well as significant and multiple studies on the mind-body-energy body connection showing that the aura stores and responds to emotions, memories thoughts and experiences from this life and past lives

What does this mean for you?

The ‘living library of light’ that surrounds you is not only a powerful resource for your own healing, but also for your growth and development as spiritual being. As you consciously work with your aura you can expect to:

  • Experience more energy and vitality.
  • Enable your body to heal and move to radiant health
  • Access your intuition with greater clarity
  • Connect to the spiritual and energetic dimensions of life around you. For example feeling the aura of trees, people, animals, spaces.
  • Be conscious of your energetic field and how to maintain its strength and integrity,
  • Create magnetic presence through lighting up your true self and radiance.
  • Enable your energy body to hold high frequencies of energy comfortably whilst staying grounded.
  • Receive inspiration and guidance on living your highest purpose through being connected to the universal energy flow of love and light.

What Clare’s clients say

If you want to know about Chakras Clare is your lady! I have never met a lady with the same depth of knowledge around these subtle energy centres as Clare.”

Tiffany Crosara: Author of the Transformational Truth about Tarot (2012 Prediction Awards Winner)

What’s Included

A downloadable audio CD with the following three aura and energy body meditations:

  • Auric Radiance Meditation: Clearing balancing and harmonising your aura
  • Light Cells Activation: Activating your light body to receive and utilise spiritual energy that can increase your intuition and deep sense of thriving and awakening to your true self.
  • Cosmic Earth Meditation: Connecting you to the abundant stream of high vibration energy from the cosmos and from the earth – expand and become luminous in synchronicity with your highest potential

Plus an 11 page guide to working with your Aura that includes:

  • Information on what is the aura and the 7 layered understanding of the aura
  • Practices to harmonise, feel and sense you auric field, and the auric field of friends, plants and trees.
  • Overview of the Human extended ‘lightbody’ and the benefits of working with your lightbody
  • Simple practices for consciously connecting to the subtle fields of earth and star energy

About Clare Russell

Clare has been teaching on the human energy body for 10 years, bringing rich insight into this temple that we call home. She has been features in Soul and Spirit Magazine, writing 7 feature articles, one on each chakra published over 7 months.

She teaches on the chakras through her journey through the Chakra’s courses and retreats. She has also created in-depth chakra and meditation training for spa therapists working at conde Nast rated No1 sustainable hotel 2012.

She also attunes and trains Reiki healers in the advanced practice of chakra and auric body healing.

If you would like to work more deeply with Clare, visit here to read more on booking an individual session with Clare.

How you receive your Aura Meditation and Activation Pack

Once you have purchased the pack, within 24 hrs we’ll send you an email with a link to an online folder where in 1 click you will be able to download the pack.

Aura Meditation and Activation Pack

Aura Meditation and Activation Pack