How to Nurture Yourself this New Moon

Clare has been facilitating new moon circles monthly for the last 3 years and in the process has really got to know in-depth the qualities and effect of the new moon, not just for herself but for a wide range of people and situations. Each new moon has its own astrological tone and ‘setting’, that can influence your experience of … Read More

The Mother Awakening

“Motherhood is not something I do; it’s the water I swim in and the air that I breathe. I cannot be separated from motherhood anymore than the clouds could be taken from the sky or the sunlight from the full moon. We are a reflection of one another. Mother Awakening has taken me whole.” “Motherhood is not something I do; … Read More

Intuitive Healing for your Inner Woman and Man

Your Inner Woman and Man represent your feminine and masculine energy that, when healthy, enables you to flow with life with ease and fulfillment. They are also absolutely key to your ability to create, manifest and achieve your goals. However, often these energies can become imbalanced, causing challenges on many levels from physical health to emotional patterns and beliefs that … Read More

Six Ways to Clear and Energise your Auric Field

Have you ever felt like you’ve picked up energy that you didn’t want and weren’t sure how to get rid of it? Or perhaps you’ve gone into a social situation where you wanted to be fully present and alive, yet felt as if you were literally shrinking and involuntarily making yourself smaller before your own eyes!? Or perhaps you have … Read More

8 Things to know about the Spiritual Meaning of Lammas

Lammas is such a beautiful festival of the summer bounty and harvest yet its not well known to many, so we thought we’d share a little more with you on the traditions, rituals and spiritual meaning of Lammas. Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, is the cross quarter festival between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox and is traditionally celebrated on August … Read More