Your Happiness Practice and Why It’s Vital

Even if you are by nature meticulously conscientious in what you do, with your work, with your family and friends, I wonder if you have focused that same kind of energy and commitment on your happiness practice? “It is more fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament over it” – Aristotle “A small child typically laughs … Read More

2 Beautiful Rituals to Make Life Magical

In our urban, doing focused, technology surrounded life style, I find more and more that rituals and micro acts of daily ceremony are my soul food that give me vitality, energy and creativity. ‘Rituals remind us of our own sacredness, our desire to connect with our core, and our relationship with our higher power.’ (Debra Smouse) When you next go … Read More

Winter Wisdom: 6 strategies to Spiritually Thrive this winter

Is winter something that feels like a battle to you or can nature’s cycles and Winter Wisdom help you reconnect with your own internal rhythms? Are you relishing the prospect of warm cozy nights in and brisk walks in frosty air or perhaps you are feeling the harsh winds biting and shivering from the cold? Winter’s blanket of darkness can … Read More