Spring Equinox Rituals for Vitality and Balance

Spring Equinox! Woo Hoo it’s here!! The spring flowers are blooming, the air is fresh yet with warmth seeping into its edges. The light has changed ever so slightly to be brighter, and when we get to our local park or wildlife area the air smells different. Everything is telling us NOW – Now is the time for new life. … Read More

2 Beautiful Rituals to Make Life Magical

In our urban, doing focused, technology surrounded life style, I find more and more that rituals and micro acts of daily ceremony are my soul food that give me vitality, energy and creativity. ‘Rituals remind us of our own sacredness, our desire to connect with our core, and our relationship with our higher power.’ (Debra Smouse) When you next go … Read More

How to begin or re-kindle a Sacred Practice

I’ve discovered both through maintaining…and lapsing from a regular sacred practice that it’s such a valuable part of who I am and how I live. It’s the space holder for all the grace and magic to come in. It’s how I balance my outer world and activity with my soul journey… and when it’s really good, it’s how I weave … Read More