The Mother Awakening

“Motherhood is not something I do; it’s the water I swim in and the air that I breathe. I cannot be separated from motherhood anymore than the clouds could be taken from the sky or the sunlight from the full moon. We are a reflection of one another. Mother Awakening has taken me whole.” “Motherhood is not something I do; … Read More

How to begin or re-kindle a Sacred Practice

I’ve discovered both through maintaining…and lapsing from a regular sacred practice that it’s such a valuable part of who I am and how I live. It’s the space holder for all the grace and magic to come in. It’s how I balance my outer world and activity with my soul journey… and when it’s really good, it’s how I weave … Read More

4 Ways to Connect to the Spiritual Meaning of Imbolc

Imbolc is the ‘cross quarter’ festival between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. As a lesser know festival the spiritual meaning of Imbolc is often forgotten, so we thought we’d share a little more with you about this beautiful first solar festival and offer some suggestions as to how you can connect with Imbolc in your daily life. The cross … Read More

Winter Wisdom: 6 strategies to Spiritually Thrive this winter

Is winter something that feels like a battle to you or can nature’s cycles and Winter Wisdom help you reconnect with your own internal rhythms? Are you relishing the prospect of warm cozy nights in and brisk walks in frosty air or perhaps you are feeling the harsh winds biting and shivering from the cold? Winter’s blanket of darkness can … Read More