Chakra Meditation Album

8 Chakra Activations and Alignment Meditations

  • Connector.Connector.

    Eight Guided audio Meditations with Clare Russell, each around 20 minutes long

  • Connector.Connector.

    Over 3hrs of energy body alignment meditations in easy to listen segments

  • Connector.Connector.

    Experience your chakra system directly, create flow in your life and feel energised from within

This Chakra Meditation album is your subtle energy tool kit to revitalise from within wherever you are.

This downloadable audio CD has eight meditations created by Clare Russell to activate and align your key energy centres so that you feel vital and in sync with the true you. The chakras are the way you breathe in all the life giving chi and prana you need in life. When they are open, energised and balanced you are literally drinking the source of vitality and life!

They are also how you let go any old, or stagnant energy, that you might experience as limiting beliefs, grungie emotions, physical symptoms or just feeling disconnected with your true spiritual self. When they are doing this well, you can ride the rollarcoaster of life with confidence and ease, trusting the richness of experience and enjoying learning and growing.

If you want to get in sync with the dynamic wheels of creation that exist within you, then you will love this Chakra Activation album!

What Clare’s clients say

If you want to know about Chakras Clare is your lady! I have never met a lady with the same depth of knowledge around these subtle energy centres as Clare.”

Tiffany Crosara: Author of the Transformational Truth about Tarot (2012 Prediction Awards Winner)

What’s Included

Including 8 Meditations to feel light, peaceful and energised

  • Root Chakra: Embody, thrive and love your life on earth, even if you feel happier in the starry cosmos!
  • Sacral Chakra: Meet the watery wisdom and your emotional power house of creativity
  • Solar Chakra: discover the joy of honoring your personal power centre
  • Heart Chakra: Open to unconditional love, heal and release blocks to love in your life
  • Throat Chakra: Speak your truth, Love expressing the authentic you
  • Third Eye Chakra: Activate intuitive vision and discover soul clarity
  • Crown Chakra: connect to your divine purpose with ease
  • Full chakra alignment meditation – your go to tune up of your entire energy system to feel blissful inside and out!

About Clare Russell

Clare has been teaching on the human energy body for 10 years, bringing rich insight into this temple that we call home. She has been features in Soul and Spirit Magazine, writing 7 feature articles, one on each chakra published over 7 months.

She teaches on the chakras through her journey through the Chakra’s courses and retreats. She has also created in-depth chakra and meditation training for spa therapists working at conde Nast rated No1 sustainable hotel 2012.

She also attunes and trains Reiki healers in the advanced practice of chakra and auric body healing.

If you would like to work more deeply with Clare, visit here to read more on booking an individual session with Clare.

How you receive your Chakra Meditation Album

Once you have purchased the Chakra Album, within 24hrs, we’ll will send you an email with the link to download your Chakra Album. Then 3 gorgeous hours of guided meditation by Clare (in bite size, easy to listen to 20 minute tracks) are all yours!