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Meet the Spirit of the Seasons

Empower your Spiritual Life through Connecting to the Magical Year

In this highly experiential Masterclass you will:
  • Awaken and nurture your spiritual purpose through discovering the 8 Magical Super Powers of the year
  • Experience a beautiful confidence ritual so you can make the most of spring’s new growth
  • Bask in receiving the Easter Full Moon’s creative power
  • Learn how to tap into the seasons to increase your vitality and happiness
  •  ‘Re-wild,’ even in the heart of modern city living through powerful Shamanic Awareness practices
  • Relax and restore your energy levels through a beautiful meditation with the Spirit of the Seasons

If you want to de-stress and feel energised from within join us for this soul nurturing Free Masterclass

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What if connecting to the wisdom of nature is easier than you think?

What if re-wilding in the heart of city life is possible?

We believe it is, in fact from sharing an amazing 9 months with participants consciously connecting to the spiritual power of the seasons we have seen what a powerful and joy filled transformation it creates.

Now we want to share with you some key insights and practices in this Free Online event…

Join us for this online magic school event with the Guide to Spiritual Living where you’ll learn how to listen to your intuition,  tap into your creative power through living fully connected to the spirit and mystery of the natural cycles!

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Hi, We’re Clare and Justin

Clare is the founder of Sacred and has been offering unique tours and retreats around the world for the last 7 years. Creating and facilitating these journeys we learnt that connecting to nature and the magical unseen realm is natural is transformation.

We knew that the tours as amazing as they are, are also practice for how we CAN live a magical life everyday from our own homes – connected to the flow of synchronicity and consciously creating our own spiritual and personal life upgrades!

It’s become our mission and love to rediscover the sacred in daily life.

A big part of that has been sharing the amazing soul tool of ritual and the magical year, reclaiming it from any one background or tradition and inspiring 100’s of people to explore what authentic connection to nature looks like as a spiritual practice for them.

That includes sharing our 7 Sacred Day online events with over 250 people.

In this Free Masterclass to meet the spirit of the seasons, we want to share some of these insights with you.  We hope you can join us!

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