Goddess Archetype Empowerment Sessions

Aphrodite? Mary Magdalene? Isis? Diana? Kwan Yin?… Who of the Pantheon of Goddesses is calling you?

Is the Lover, Wise Woman, Queen, Mother or Warrioress ready to take you to the next level of success?

Are you feeling the feminine in you rising, wanting to free herself to express fully, but you are unsure where to start?
Do you connect with and have an affinity to a certain Goddess? Perhaps you don’t even know much about them but their name holds something interesting to you, like a feint imprint of something you know from another time and place?

Goddess Empowerment sessions with Clare Russell

Taking a mythological, spiritual, healing adventure into the Goddess opens a gateway into living your greatest potential through revealing your true essence and reconnecting you to the magic within. Working with the Goddess energies gives you the spiritual support and practical guidance on how to create the shifts you want… and at speed!

Clare has been following a path of deep diving into the feminine for many years, training in Isis and Egyptian healing, follow a path of the Yogini through meditation and embodiment practices and guiding sacred journeys to Goddess sites all over the world. Along side tours and retreats, she offers in person workshops on the Goddess in Bristol, UK. She also offers individual Goddess Empowerment sessions.

What are Archetypes and why are they powerful?

Some of the most transformational stories are those that tap you into a secret archetype that has been influencing your life without you knowing. These archetypes are like cosmic patterns that activate your Supra Consciousness Capability and shape shift you into a realm of magic, symbol and synchronicity. You soon discover that your life seems to be patterned to these archetypes; through both your experiences and even how you think and feel about your life!

Goddess Empowerment Sessions are about tapping into the transformational power of archetype to support you in discovering your soul power and the magic and joy of your journey as a woman.

What happens in a Goddess Archetype Empowerment session?

Each session is deeply personal and based on your focus areas. When you book the session, Clare will send you key questions to consider ahead of your session. You will start by exploring your goals and dreams and revealing the key themes in your life right now.

Clare will guide you into a deeper state of connection with your intuition and support you in identifying which Goddess archetype you are working with right now. From here, we begin journeying with the Goddess through her myths and teaching, energy healing, meditation and activation.

The sessions are deeply experiential and focus on revealing your beautiful, sacred feminine power within. Before the end of the session, you will explore with Clare key practices, magical rituals and practical next steps to fully embody your living Goddess now.

What Clare’s clients say:

“Working with Clare has been a profoundly transformational and beautiful experience. I have come to fully honour all parts of my life and my femininity. I have experienced amazing healing from working with Clare and my life has taken a new direction, wholeness and purpose since beginning the programme.

She is deeply intuitive and senses exactly what is right for the moment and the individual. Each session varies greatly and is created uniquely between myself and Clare (with a little help from the Goddesses) depending on what is arising in my life for that month. The sessions are very personal and very deep.

If you feel at all called to work with Clare then go for it, its so experiential and personal it is almost intangible to describe what it will be like from a rational perspective. Once you make the commitment and trust your intuition a whole new world opens up.“


Keeley Tomkinson founder of Urban Feminista

Boooking a Goddess Archetype Empowerment Session

Clare offers sessions, mostly online via video calls such as Skype and Zoom (or if you prefer audio sessions are also possible). She is available for in person sessions in Bristol, UK.

Each session lasts 1 hour and Clare suggests that optimally a package of 3 sessions over 6 weeks creates a powerful structure for going deep into the Goddess archetype and activating your revealed feminine power in your life.

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