Reiki Level II Training

This is a 2 day training, where participants will receive the Reiki Level 2 attunement & Usui symbols. The next training will take place on 16th & 17th September 2017 in central Bristol, UK.

Participant’s Feedback

“Clare is one of life’s inspirational teachers. She is gentle and encouraging and packs a vast amount of spiritual wisdom and positive energy into each session. I found her Reiki 2 training deeply enlightening and I didn’t want the course to end! It is a joy to be one of her pupils and I very much look forward to working with her again in the future.” Kat

“Absolutely loved it!… Good fun and learning a lot… I’m now enjoying working with the Reiki symbols and energy in and around myself and home and looking forward to using it with others… Thank you Clare for being such a great teacher ‘ Mel

In Reiki level 2, the training focuses on 3 sacred Symbols that increase the power of Reiki and open new avenues for its application within the mental/emotional realm and for conducting healing at a distance. This includes:

  • Introduction to the original Usui symbols, drawing and the principles of usage
  • Empowerment meditation
  • Detailed application of the symbols in self-healing and treatments on others.
  • Conducting a distance treatment, including multiple methods for application.
  • Reiki applied to cleansing objects and space clearing
  • Reiki applied to goal setting
  • Demonstration and supervised practice of using the symbols so that students leave the training fully confident in symbol usage.

Booking Reiki level II training

The course is taught by Clare who is a Master from the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.

It is a two day training course running from 10.00am – 4.00pm in central Bristol, UK.

The training includes a comprehensive manual of all material taught in the course.

The Reiki II course costs £205 per participant.

– On request Reiki level 2 training for 2+ people is also available.

Reiki Level II Training

16th & 17th September 2017
2 Places Left

Reiki Level II Training

16th & 17th September 2017
2 Places Left